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MAXE is an AI-Powered investment assistant. It leverages extensive historical data training and real-time analysis of major global assets, to offer users with the most valuable investment portfolios.

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MAXE provides you with the investment portfolios of the world’s most famous investors, fund managers, and government officials, and tracks their position changes in real time to support your investment.

Best Portfolios With Al

When it comes to investing, everyone deserves to have a more comprehensive understanding of market investment information and to know the most popular and reliable portfolios with AI.

Most Reliable Assets in Market

The security of assets is one of our top priorities, MAXE presents the most reliable and valuable assets in the market for your investment. Our AI investment assistant provides you with the most professional options.

High-risk, low-liquidity assets are not our choice.

Real-time of Multiple Assets

MAXE provides you with real-time market data for the world’s multiple and most popular assets, including stocks, bonds, foreign exchange, and more.

Protect your AI investment from start to finish.

Information Tracking System

MAXE's AI Investment Portfolio Information Tracking System is based on LLM (Large Language Model) to track and analyze macroeconomic data, news sentiment, financial reports, and asset prices in global markets 24/7, to grasp market opportunities.
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